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Photo by HydroWorx

Senior living communities that have aquatic therapy pools on their property are finding success in an everchanging and competitive environment, according to a recent white paper published by Senior Housing News. Aquatic therapy pool providers are finding that this amenity is meeting both resident and staff needs, and yielding positive results, in four major ways:

  1. Wellness programs that implement aquatic therapy pools are available to both residents and staff. They can also bring in business from outside the residential community.
  2. Rising acuity is a constant challenge that can ultimately set senior living providers apart, depending on who is better prepared to care for resident’s diverse needs. Aquatic pools are one way providers can address senior’s needs across the spectrum.
  3. Pre-hab, or pre-habilitation, is a rising trend among seniors preparing for surgery and increases the success rate of post-surgery rehab. Aquatic pools offer senior living operators many options for conducting pre-hab.
  4. Technology found in aquatic therapy pools allow for senior living providers to offer premium services with improved metrics and results tracking, which is beneficial for both residents and staff.

Ultimately, aquatic therapy pools programs are attracting new residents, top talent for care, and clients outside the senior living community. Senior Housing News further explains, through success stories, how senior living providers are setting themselves apart from competition. For more information and insight, read the white paper here.